I'm Henry Ho - a tech loving, espresso addict, and a challenge seeking Product Designer.

Graphic Design is my backbone, but I never looked back once I dove into Product Design. I have over a decade of design experience in the hyper-performance computing industry (HPC). Tech has always been my interest while growing up. I'm amazed at how quickly technology has advanced and helped improve the world. Being a Product Designer, I discovered I could help close the gap between users and complex problems into friendly and loving experiences.

Technical Proficiency

After Effects

Work Experience

Rescale, San Fransisco, California
Nov 2017 - Jan 2023
UX/UI Designer and
Graphic Designer
  • Collaborated closely with the Sr. Product Manager to spearhead the development of the "Workstation" feature, employing qualitative research, user mapping, wireframing, and Figma prototypes. It improved user engagement and efficiency, leading to an increase of 15% in platform usage in the first three months of feature deployment.
  • Successfully delivered the "Suspend Workstation" function through rigorous prototyping and user testing, showcasing UX/UI design expertise and achieving a user-pleasing experience.
  • Conducted in-depth user research to inform the creation of a seamless user flow for platform sign-up and login, resulting in a painless process for users onboarding the platform.
  • Played a pivotal role in supporting the marketing team by designing impactful infographics, icons, and trade show assets and consistently delivering high-quality ebook and white paper templates using Adobe Suite.
  • Produced engaging Intro/Outro videos using Adobe After Effects, enhancing tutorial videos and elevating the Big Compute Virtual Event 2022 presentations.
AddOn Networks, Irvine, California
April 2011 - July 2017
Graphic Designer
  • Collaborated closely with the Brand Director in developing and managing marketing, product, and sales collateral, contributing to successful brand development and growth.
  • Designed and executed company print advertising, brand collateral, packaging, video content, and trade show materials, resulting in a strong brand presence.
  • Pioneered a mass image production method and product spec sheets, optimizing processes and improving efficiency.
  • Created captivating motion graphics and directed and filmed an engaging AddOn Networks facility video, enhancing the company's marketing efforts.
  • Instrumental in the company's substantial growth, actively participating in creative and marketing development from its early stages with 16 employees to its current size of over 120.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in front-end web development and maintenance, significantly reducing project costs by 65%.
Henry Ho, Union City, California
Feb 2010 - Present
Freelance Designer
  • Leveraged Figma to design wireframes, prototypes and conduct user testing for a social app, leading to usability improvements.
  • Designed and developed a dynamic website for small and midsize businesses, incorporating CSS, HTML, and JS to achieve a unique and engaging online presence.
  • Showcased graphic design prowess in laying out a children's book, "Rancho San Felipe - a Story of California One Hundred Years Ago" by Sarah Duque.


2011 Graphic Design / Bachelor of Science
Art Institute of Orange County